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Donaldson fuel filter assembly selected for Sky Warrior aircraft

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Western Filter, a division of Donaldson Australasia , has been selected to manufacture and supply the fuel filter assembly for General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, including Sky Warrior unmanned aircraft. Sky Warrior is a multi-mission aircraft for the US Army.  The aircraft provides long-range surveillance and communications and operates as a weapons delivery platform. 

It features a 160 horsepower Heavy Fuel Engine (HFE) that flies on jet or diesel fuel. This allows for increased horsepower and significantly improved fuel efficiency over other fielded unmanned aircraft. Sky Warrior is expected to form a key part of the US Army's Extended Range/Multi- Purpose unmanned aircraft system program. When installed in the Sky Warrior, the Donaldson fuel filter assembly will protect the fuel system against foreign contaminants such as sand and dust.

Duane Shore, Marketing Manager of Donaldson Australasia, says the contract win by the global parent for such a critical aspect of Defence would not have come about without the company’ longstanding and intensive research and development into filtration media. “The trickle down effect is that through Donaldson Australasia, this high level of proven technology is supplying filtration technologies and dust control solutions across many Australian industries,” said Mr Shore.

“This includes the agriculture sector, mining and quarrying, building and construction, power generation, lubrication and hydraulics, engineering and food processing. Any filtration products developed for US military use is eventually commercialised and becomes part of our company’s industrial filtration and engine group products."

The Donaldson product range includes the following:

  • Air, liquid, hydraulic and exhaust products for the engine market
  • Dust, mist and fume collection
  • Processing filtration
  • Gas turbine filtration for industries as varied as power generation to pharmaceutical manufacturing and microprocessing
Donaldson worked closely with GA-ASI to design and manufacture the main fuel filter assembly for this unique aircraft. The in-house engineering, program management and testing capabilities proved invaluable in developing this sensitive system economically and ahead of schedule. Its filtration solutions protect fixed wing aircraft; rotorcraft; military ground vehicles; electronic equipment; space vehicles; missiles; military shipboard systems and amphibious vehicles.

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