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Donaldson air cleaners available with vacuator valves

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article image Damaged vacuator valves

Damaged vacuator valves should be replaced immediately. Correctly fitted and properly maintained vacuator valves can extend the life of air filters that protect your engine.

Vacuator valves are low cost, small, black rubber nozzles that are fitted to an adaptor either on the dust cap or the air cleaner body.

It is a standard attachment on the majority of Donaldson air cleaners, and is vital to the proper functionality of the air cleaner, being an integral part of the pre-cleaning stage of a two-stage air cleaner.

The dust cap on the air cleaner is where pre-cleaned dust is collected. This dust cap runs under a slight vacuum when the engine is running.

The normal engine pulsing of the vacuum causes the Vacuator valve to open and close. This action automatically expels any collected dust and water.

Worn, damaged or missing valves will allow dust collection on the air filter and will shorten the life dramatically.

The lips of the valve are held closed under vacuum as the dust loads into the tube, until the pressure equalises and the lips relax, expelling the dust. The vacuum takes over, closing the lips and the process starts over.

The valve should be clamped if it is in an area where it can easily be knocked by the driver or operator. Protect the valve from sharp objects or impact with metal guards.

Choose the suitable vacuator valve for your application and inspect these regularly for damage.

For proper operation, the vacuator valve should be located at low point on the air cleaner or dust cap pointing down. Never paint the valve, as solvents and chemicals will shorten its usable life.

If the vacuator valve is torn, shredded or turned inside out, the durometre may be too soft for application. Conversely, if the vacuator valve does not empty itself properly, the durometre may be too hard.

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