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Donaldson Australasia releases workstation dust collectors

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Donaldson Australasia has released the Downflo oval range of workstation dust collectors (DWS) for any industrial application, where a flexible, modular self-contained dust collection system is required.

The workstation dust collectors are flexible and modular in design, so that they can fit anywhere on the plant floor and do not restrict worker movements or visibility. The workstation dust collectors range is suited to in-plant areas, where dirty and/or noisy operations are out in the open such as grinding, sanding, chipping, batch mixing or welding.

Booths are designed to remove fine airborn contaminants from within the workers breathing zone and provide a cleaner working environment in metalworking, woodworking and process applications.

Workstation dust collectors’ series has an exclusive ledgeless design that helps reduce buildup inside the collector and also includes patented features such as ultra-web filter media and extra-life cleaning technology.

Ultra-web filters provide higher filtration capacity and longer life by using a nanofibre technology, where layers of fibres 0.2 to 0.3 microns in diameter capture contaminants less than one micron in size on the surface of the media.

The resulting dust cake is easily cleaned off during automated cleaning cycles, ensuring highest filtration efficiency and extended filter life.

Filter media pleats are shorter than traditional media (1.5 inches instead of 2) and stiffer to help minimise dust entrapment, simplify filter cleaning and make the pleat wall less likely to collapse or bend, which can encapsulate dust and prevent its expulsion.

The patented extra life filter cleaning system, designed with computer modelling, uses a low compressed air pressure of 50 psi to pulse off dust from the surface of the filter, improving filtration efficiency and prolonging filter life.

Research and modelling have shown that that workstation dust collectors booth packs are designed for adequate and consistent capture velocities at the booth opening and throughout the booth.

There is no system imbalance, no air turbulence, no hot spots or uncomfortable drafts inside the booth that can upset working conditions.

Workstation dust collectors range has nominal air flows of 4500 cfm to 22,000 cfm utilising from 4 to 24 filters in combinations of one to four modules.

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