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Donaldson Australasia offers dust collection technology for industries

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With fines growing by the day for workplace OH&S breaches as well as environmental pollution, dust filtration specialist Donaldson Australasia has various technologies to maintain standards in these areas and industry and avoid breaches of regulation six.

Suitable for companies right across the industry spectrum, these dust collection technologies facilitate any organisation ranging from small to large, indoors or outdoors.

They include the following:

RF Baghouse Collectors

RF Baghouse collectors are designed specifically for the high air volume and heavy dust loading that are common to the woodworking, cement, grain, chemicals, food processing applications and other moisture sensitive materials.

The RF handles heavy dust loads of up to 70 to 100 grains per cubic foot. A single RF collector handles the bigger volumes of dust with just one hopper compared to a traditional square baghouse with multiple hoppers – a benefit that translates to easier installation.

Dalamatic Collectors

The Dalamatic is an automatic reverse-jet fabric filter dust collector that is suitable for continuous process applications involving heavy-duty product recovery, or collection of large concentrations of nuisance dust, where high collection efficiencies are required. It is available in an insertable or cased style.

Cyclone Collectors

Donaldson Cyclone dust collectors are typically used to collect coarse or large dusts produced in high dust loading applications, such as woodworking or machining.

They are also used for product recovery of fine dusts, like powdered paint. Cyclone dust collectors are mechanical separators that use the principle of centrifugal force to remove particulate from the air stream.

Unimaster Collectors

Unimaster dust collector is an economical and effective solution for a diverse range of nuisance dust problems. The Unimaster is a compact shaker-type, intermittent duty collector with a wide variety of configurations and filter bag materials to suit many applications.

Cabinet Collectors

Cabinet dust collectors provide reliable and economical solutions to in-plant dust and smoke control problems. Its efficient, compact design covers a wide range of dust applications. Replacing filter bags has been made simple with the new, one piece EZ filter Pack.

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