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Compressed Air Technologies for Industry from Donaldson Australasia

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Air filtration specialist Donaldson Australasia has ramped up its compressed air capabilities, drawing on new technologies and proven solutions from its parent company in the USA.  

Applications of compressed air technologies are not limited to industry sectors; other areas of application include everything from food processing and packaging through to sorting, engineering and heavy industries such as mining.  

Compressed air has always been a component of the company’s business, but now an enhanced market push has begun in Australia with a plastic bottle manufacturing plant in the US serving as just one example of how this Donaldson technology can be applied.  

This recent project saw point-of-use compressed air system at a bottled water beverage plant for purification and steam sterilisation.  

In this instance, the plant needed purification and steam sterilisation during its polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle blowing procedure.  

Donaldson has installed multiple compressed air filtration lines at a number of facilities across the USA for this major bottled water company.  

These lines supply purified process air to the PET bottle blowing machines, which produce bottles for the water.  

By injecting sterile compressed air into a shell of PET, the shell expands into a mould, which produces the required bottle shape.  

These bottle blowing machines typically need pressures at 600 psi or higher. For this reason, the installers used Donaldson high pressure HD housings made of 304 stainless steel.  

There are four stages of filtration.  

The first stage uses Donaldson’s nominally rated PE element for removal of all large particulates. This reduces the challenge to, and extends the life of the higher purity and sterile elements to follow.  

The second stage employs the Donaldson Submicron Element (SMF), an absolute filter for particles sized 0.01 micron that also lowers the effluent oil residual to 0.01 ppm.  

The third stage incorporates an AK carbon filter for odour and gas phase hydrocarbons removal down to 0.003 ppm.  

Finally, the fourth stage filter houses the SRF sterile element, which has a retention rate (logarithmic retention value – LRV) of greater than or equal to 7.  

Donaldson Australasia recognises that compressed air technologies are increasingly being employed in Australian industry. The company not only supplies the hardware but also the engineering expertise to support every design and installation.  

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