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Company Focus: Baghouse and mist collectors from Donaldson Australasia ensure a safe and clean working environment

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article image Torit DCE RF baghouse collectors are designed specifically for high air volume and heavy dust loading

In the second part of this series, we look at Donaldson 's diverse range of baghouse dust collectors, in addition to the company's mist collectors for manufacturing sites that generate coolant and machining oil mist.

Baghouse collectors

Donaldson supplies a complete line of baghouse collectors, all of which are engineered to provide reliable and dependable performance. Catering to all dust collection needs, the range extends from smaller units capable of handling as low as 200 m3/hr (120 cfm) to larger units that handle up to 334,500 m3/hr (197,000 cfm).

The company also offers unique collectors designed to suit specific applications such as the Dalamatic, which features envelope-shaped bags for improved pulse cleaning of especially challenging dusts.

Donaldson continually develops new technologies for its baghouse collectors designed to provide:

  • longer filter life
  • increased efficiency; and
  • reduced operating costs.
Its Dura-Life bag filters are engineered with a unique hydro-entanglement process that uses water to blend the fibers. When compared to standard polyester media, this process creates a more uniform material with smaller pores, resulting in improved surface loading and cleaning capabilities.

Benefits of Dura-Life technology include:

  • energy savings due to lower pressure drop
  • reduced replacement bag costs due to fewer bag changeouts
  • reduced maintenance and operating costs due to fewer bag changeouts
  • 30% fewer emissions based on EPA tests; and
  • available for most brands of dust collectors.

Mist collectors

As Donaldson notes, high performance mist collection is essential for manufacturing applications where coolant and machining oil mist is generated. Uncollected mist leaves condensation and residue on floors, machines, walls and ceilings, creating a potentially unsafe and unclean manufacturing environment.

The company supplies a comprehensive range of mist collectors underpinned by proprietary Synteq XP media technology. When compared to traditional media, this technology is designed to deliver higher efficiency, low operating pressure drop and longer filter life.

Available for many brands of mist collectors, Synteq XP media features include:

  • engineered blend of small and large fibers with proprietary resin-free bonding system
  • small fibers that are scientifically proven to increase efficiency through superior draining
  • large fibers to provide structural support and clear drain channels to sustain performance in the most challenging applications; and
  • a proprietary bonding system to stabilise pore structure for optimum performance and longer life.

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