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THE performance secret behind the new Downflo Oval 1 Series of cartridge dust filtration systems from Donaldson-Torit DCE is its comprehensive range of filter media that suit almost any situation where dust causes problems.

To deliver high filtration efficiency while using less energy, the DFO dust collector system uses a patented downward airflow design, patented ExtraLife filter cleaning system and the company's unique oval-shaped filter cartridges, while operating on a compact footprint.

The groups of filter media and their applications are:

*Ultra-Web. Ultra-Web has patented nanofibre technology that provides a filtration efficiency of 99.999% on 0.5 micron particles. Apart from the excellent filtration standards it provides, this advanced media also ensures an extended filter life and lowest operating pressure drop in a full range of cartridges.

It is supplied in three configurations: Ultra-Web, Ultra-Web FR (flame retardant), and Ultra-Web NL (a no-liner, banded construction for enhanced dust release on statically charged parts).

*Fibra-Web. Also using the patented nanofiber technology, Fibra-Web is a blend of synthetic fibres in the base media together with a wide pleat spacing that provides filtration efficiency of 99.999% on 1.0 micron particles.

It has an open washable design that allows easy cleaning in both fibrous and agglomerative applications, and is available in three cartridge choices: Fibra-Web, Fibra-Web FR (flame retardant), and with stainless steel end caps and liner.

*Ultra-Tek. With wide pleat spacing and a banded retention system, Ultra-Tek filters are specifically designed to collect fibrous dust through a proprietary blend of synthetic fibres in the media.

This results in longer filter life, higher efficiency and easier dust release during pulse cleaning. Ultra-Tek cartridges are washable up to three times without losing performance.

*Torit-Tex. This media has a high moisture and chemical tolerance. With a flexing media and quick-release Tetratex PTFE membrane comprising extremely small pore sizes, and utilising surface filtration technology, the result is a longer filter life - even in difficult applications. New Torit Tex HCD cartridges are able to be used in temperatures up to 135ºC.

Torit-Tex filter cartridges provide exceptional filtration efficiency of 99.999% on 0.5 micron particles in moist, hygroscopic and agglomerative applications. The Torit Tex cartridges are washable and re-useable, fast drying, and can be returned to service immediately.

*Thermo-Tek. Designed for high temperature applications, Thermo-Tek filters have a proprietary media providing high level of filtration efficiency of 99.99% on 1.0 micron particles. Special heat resistant construction and gaskets maintain seal strength and integrity at temperatures up to 135ºC.

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