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Bulk Diesel Fuel Filtration Solutions from Donaldson Australasia Prevent Contamination

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Donaldson Australasia  offers cost-effective and efficient solutions in its bulk diesel fuel filtration range to prevent contamination in fuel sources.  

Contaminated fuel sources can cause injector damage, clogged fuel filters, poor engine performance through decreased combustion efficiency and even complete engine failure.  

Donaldson offers 2-way, 4-way and 5-way filtration manifolds that are pre-fitted with dual filter heads to accommodate their innovative Blue Can range of spin-on filters.  

These filtration manifolds are capable of achieving a cleanliness level equivalent to ISO 14/13/11 requirements. The manifolds are modular in design, allowing for multiple combinations to be plumbed together to handle high flow rates in and out of the tanks.  

Donaldson’s solution also includes the T.R.A.P breathers designed for moisture removal down to 15% relative humidity. T.R.A.P breathers are more efficient than conventional desiccant breathers through quicker reaction.  

While all engines require onboard fuel filtration systems, they have their limitations since onboard diesel filtration is single pass, allowing the filter only one chance to catch contaminants as they pass through to the engine.  

Besides, most diesel fuels delivered from the refinery have a cleanliness level of 22/21/18, an ISO level that is by today’s requirements, far from clean. Further contaminants constantly find their way into bulk storage tanks and come from numerous sources such as new fuel deliveries, insufficient breather filters, condensation and the use of corroding infrastructure.  

Preventing fuel contamination can eliminate costs caused by the failure of various engine components that can sometimes even exceed $50,000 depending on the level of exposure to contaminated fuels.  

Given the enormous cost of repairing engine damage caused by contaminated fuel, it makes sense to ensure fuel supplies are adequately filtered with solutions such as Donaldson’s fuel filtration systems.

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