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Air cleaners collect more of the dusty outback

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Donaldson has introduced a range of air cleaners suitable for off-road equipment working in medium-dust conditions.

The filters have twice the filter media of conventional pleated media used in traditional engine filters.

Donaldson says the upgraded air cleaner has greater dust holding capacity and is three times more efficient than standard cellulose pleated media.

The company says the air cleaner has no impact on engine performance (airflow) when compared with an OEM installed air induction system.

PowerCore PSD08 and PSD09 air cleaners, suitable for engine flow ranges up to 370cfm, are now available, while larger models for airflows up to 1060cfm will become available soon.

As an alternative to larger-sized conventional filters, Donaldson’s compact filter has a straight-through airflow and high-density filtration system that reduces restriction and extends filter life.

The metal-free, cartridge-style filter is noticeably different in shape, colour and style, and traps contaminants inside for cleaner and easier servicing.

The filter’s major advantages include improved engine protection and contaminant capture as well as its smaller size.

Larger conventional filters need clearance space for proper airflow and have hollow centres to let filtered air exit the engine.

PowerCore eliminates the need for these wasted spaces by combining high-density filter media packaging with a straight-through flow design.

Because of its shape and smaller size, the air cleaner assemblies offer more mounting options than conventional air intake systems.

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