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Advanced oil and air filters

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article image Synteq and Ultraweb technologies reduce truck running costs.

DONALDSON Australasia has introduced the Donaldson Endurance line of oil and air filters, incorporating advanced synthetic media technology for longer filter life and greater engine protection.

This frees truck operators from the pressure of changing the vehicle's oil as well as its air and oil filters at frequent intervals. Until now, this was the only way to safeguard the vehicle's continuing reliability.

Donaldson Endurance filters are made using Donaldson's patented advanced synthetic media technologies, Synteq for oil and fuel, and Ultra-Web (for air).

Each of these technologies delivers cost saving benefits with higher efficiency, lower restriction, higher capacity, greater engine protection, and longer engine life.

Synteq is at the heart of the Donaldson Endurance oil filters. This high-performance filter media undergoes a strictly controlled processing of fibres that have a controlled size and shape, and a significantly smaller fibre diameter.

This controlled processing allows Donaldson Endurance oil filters to deliver both higher dirt holding capacity at the same pressure differential and higher efficiency compared with conventional cellulose filters.

Donaldson's high grade gasket and grommet material also stays flexible and sealed during extended periods of hot oils with advanced additive packages.

Fuel economy is improved due to better breathing through the less restrictive air filter.

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