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Spray-on coating for bunding

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DOMINION Plastic Industries has released Envelon 442, a coating applied to bunding to increase its effectiveness and enhance its lifespan.

It can be sprayed on or applied by brush. It is suitable for coating floors, walls and lips of modular bunding such as dish pallets.

In industrial sites it can be used to coat bunding that holds drums of fuels, caustic substances, oils, detergents, and virtually any other type of liquid, viscous or solid product.

For extremely large operations such as breweries and other plants involving high levels of hydration, entire rooms and storage areas can have the floors coated. The coating can be extended up the walls as a tide mark to create a reservoir-style seal.

On construction sites it can stop water and chemicals leaked from a damaged drum from seeping from the bunding and running into the ground. Common cleaning chemicals used in food processing sites can be more securely stored.

Envelon is quickly and easily applied with a spray gun leaving no seams, butts or leaks. It needs no protective or decorative overcoat and is touch dry in 30 minutes.

The coating remains waterproof despite bending, hammering, scratching or stretching. It also resists most environmental damage. It forms tough and flexible films with very low water vapour transmission rates while stopping substrate corrosion.

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