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Non-slip surface coating

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DOMINION Plastics has released Tredgrip, a non-slip, rubberised membrane for walkways, ramps and stairs.

Made for areas subjected to human traffic rather than for heavy machinery such as forklifts and machines, Tredgrip is easily applied and has excellent non-skid properties and gives a flexible coating in internal and external applications.

Tredgrip adheres to concrete, timber, steel, aluminium, fibreglass, butynol and most previously painted surfaces. Only areas of total water immersion like baths, swimming pools and showers are not suitable for Tredgrip. Tredgrip will last from five to ten years, depending on the intensity of traffic. In outdoor applications it has good resistance against weathering.

Tredgrip can be applied using a brush or long nap rollers for small areas or a soft synthetic bristle household broom or a wide long nap roller for large areas. It will bridge or fill hairline cracks in concrete, effectively hiding them and accomodate later substrate movement.

Tredgrip has a high solids content, giving it a good coverage per square metre, making it very cost effective. Although the base tone of Tredgrip is white, a variety of factory colours are available.

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