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DOMINION Plastic Industries has released the Seal n Peel 773, a spray on product to protect metal faces from damage during fabrication.

It is applied as a short or long-term skin which allows metal parts undergoing a single or multi-stage process to be handled and transported without damaging the surface.

Should any of the metal be undergoing electroplating, the product also acts as a stop-off coating for surfaces that are not to be exposed to the plating process. Entire machines can be coated with the material.

It peels away when required without leaving any residue. It is weather resistant, resists a wide range of acids and alkalis, and peels away easily after as long as 12 months. Capable of resisting extremes of chemical attack and weather conditions, its surface resists scuffing and abrasion while providing a seam free surface.

It is touch dry in as little as five minutes. Depending on the service requirement of coating, recommended dry film thickness is between 0.20mm and 0.25mm. Under normal circumstances, surface preparation is not needed and the product is applied directly to a clean, dry surface.

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