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Membrane protects bunding against spills

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article image Seal ‘n Peel -- added containment.

OCCUPATIONAL health and safety regulations threaten large fines for insufficient or incorrect bunding in industry.

Seal 'n Peel 442 from Dominion Plastics provides added containment of the worst types of spills, even acids and alkalis.

The spray-on technology forms a tough, flexible, long lasting membrane that acts as a high level of extra protection which would not be achievable with bunding alone.

If a spill should occur, users can be confident that containment will be effective regardless of what liquid or viscous product is causing the run off. Such is the strength of Seal 'n Peel 442 that it is not possible to obtain this polymer in a water base.

The product creates a transparent membrane around whatever surfaces it is applied to and affords protection against weather, staining, water marking, paint and plaster splash. It also protects against scratches and bumps for sensitive products that require having the quality of their surfaces maintained.

Seal 'n Peel 442 is a strippable coating with extreme durability so that it is ideal for external applications and able to provide ongoing protection in the harshest of conditions.

Providing total waterproofing, the product also has the ability to web over large holes, meaning that items with irregular surfaces, bores and grooves can also be protected.

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