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Liquid skin offers total protection

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article image Envelon -- tough and flexible.

IN industrial, architectural and construction/building applications, the new range of Envelon polymeric coatings from Dominion Plastics can achieve an effective proofing and insulation against weather, water, dust, acid, alkalis and gas.

Envelon polymeric coatings are opaque (which can be pigmented to desired colour) and are used to protect and beautify roofs and sidewalls of masonry, concrete projects, brick or steel buildings and structures, tanks, storage bins and general industrial equipment.

The technology can even be used safely over concrete, cement brick, asbestos cement, cement faced insulating board, marine (waterproof) plywood, corrugated iron, galvanised iron, steel deck, aluminium, copper or tin roofing.

Because Envelon is a liquid, it is quickly and easily applied with a spray gun to leave no seams, butts or leaks; it needs no protective or decorative overcoat and it is touch dry in 30 minutes.

The coating can withstand bending, hammering, scratching or stretching while still maintaining its waterproof properties whether the application is above ground or below ground.

Envelon coatings form tough and flexible films with very low water vapour transmission rates while stopping substrate corrosion caused by electrolytic action or the presence of water-borne oxygen, while its thick film protects against surface damage from abrasion and chemicals.

This continuous all-over skin can completely envelope a structure or object to seal out moisture, it caulks around openings, fills and covers cracks, and does not weather away or peel/flake as the films are flexible and elastic in a temperature range from sub zero to tropical temperatures and expand and contract with the underlying surface to which they are applied.

Stabilised to retain colour, gloss and flexibility even in prolonged exposure to sunlight and harsh environments, Envelon polymerics are fade resistant and dirt and grime just washes off its very smooth surface.

Exhibiting excellent qualities at protecting against corrosive fumes, Envelon products suit structural work, ducts, the underside of roof areas and the walls and equipment in plating grooms, pickling rooms, electrolytic cell room, chemical plants and the like.

As an example, a thick coating of Envelon has been used to successfully seal a leaking water storage system.

For internal applications, Envelon products work on concrete or plaster block walls, ceilings or partitions of buildings such as breweries, cold storage warehouses, milk and dairy product plants, and meat packing plants.

It is rapidly finding common use as an interior finish in schools, institutions, offices and industrial public buildings.

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