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Lining for temporary dams and reservoirs

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DOMINION Plastic Industries has developed a spray-on lining for temporary dams and reservoirs. Geotech lining is simply sprayed on to act as a long-life dam liner in mining and quarrying, road construction, general construction and water storage applications. It is based on the company's Envelon 442 product.

When the dam or reservoir is no longer required it is drained and the lining peeled off the unpolluted ground. The lining dramatically reduces the cost of construction and doesn't require the precision of a made-to-measure solution. Traditional solutions often need plastic welded sheets to completely line a dam and then all panel joins have to be perfectly sealed.

The Geotech liner requires a general padding down of the soil, sand or other reasonably solid surface before it is applied. Using spray equipment, it is merely applied to the compacted bed of the reservoir and after applying fast-drying coats it forms a very strong, highly flexible basin as dependable as a swimming pool.

Because it is a liquid it is quickly and easily applied to leave no seams, butts or leaks. It needs no protective or decorative overcoat and is touch dry in 30 minutes. It conserves water, protects soil and doesn't leach into the ground. It can follow the contour of any excavation, is very UV-stable and can withstand long-term external exposure.

It is very elastic and can withstand a large amount of ground movement. It can be reinforced with fibreglass mesh without losing flexibility and meets drinking water standards.

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