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Airtight skin maintains fruit and veg

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INDUSTRIAL sealing product Envelon has been specially modified to suit applications in the fruit and vegetable storage industry where controlled atmospheric conditions are critical to maintain quality and profits.

Developed by Dominion Plastic Industries , Envelon 551/100 CF (solvent based) and Envelon 2000 CF (water based) have properties to take temperature flexibility.

For bulk handlers of fruit and vegetable, this allows extended storage periods to maximise product sales during non-peak seasons and greatly reduce the level of perished product.

When applied to walls and ceilings, the product totally seals a room to protect the integrity of stock during the controlled atmosphere process.

With the water based Envelon 2000 CF, application is made using either a roller or spraying equipment, whereas the solvent based version can only be sprayed on. This easily applied liquid membrane dries quickly to become a permanent seal.

As an internally plasticised, high build, high solids copolymer, Envelon has a high viscosity to provide a heavy duty protective membrane where permanent flexibility is required.

The permanently flexible, airtight, water-resistant skin allows for normal structural movement in buildings without lowering its ability to seal.

The product is white in colour, has one component and thins and cleans easily. In the case of the water based version it cleans merely with water.

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