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Vartek Corporation uses Rabbit technology from Dominion Electronics

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article image Rabbit technology for developing automatic ice-bagging machines

Vartek Corporation (USA) develops automatic ice-bagging machines for a major convenience store using Rabbit technology from Dominion Electronics .

The ice-bagging machines, coupled with stack-able ice-making cubers that fit on top of the units, allow retailers to replenish product on demand, completely eliminating the need for costly ice deliveries from outside vendors.

The bagger can bag ice at a rate of about one bag every 45 seconds and a single cuber can produce about 1,600 pounds of ice per day.

The Rabbit Smartcat controls the ice-making process, monitors conditions, and even reports to personnel off site. The Rabbit BL2100 turns on the equipment to make ice, based on how much ice is needed, then it takes the ice, bags it, and monitors temperature in the freezer area to maintain the correct level.

The system has a smooth operator interface using pixel graphic display, which features 7 user-relegendable keys and 7 LEDs. The display side is used by operators to set bag counts, machine ID parameters, heat seal temperature, and bag length. The system also has the capability of calling out and reporting production status, error codes, and other machine information, either over the Internet or to a local call-in server.

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