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Trafinfo uses Rabbit technology from Dominion Electronics

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article image Rabbit technology for extraction of traffic sensor data

Trafinfo (USA) using Rabbit developed a system that allows extraction of traffic sensor data via wireless technology and the Internet.

The data collected via traffic monitoring equipment is used not only to maintain existing roadways and plan additional new infrastructure but also to monitor air quality.

Government bodies need to help control the level of polluting emissions, so traffic monitoring is one key input in determining how well each area is doing in maintaining or improving their air quality.

The solution uses a Rabbit Jackrabbit integrated with a wireless modem to create the Trafmate, a wireless traffic monitoring system.

The Trafmate connects to existing traffic sensors, downloads daily traffic counts, and transmits compiled data to an Internet server via digital two-way paging technology or satellite-based communications. From there, it can be downloaded at any time by transportation agency staff.

Rabbit technology is available from Dominion Electronics .

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