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SMB Network Storage Application Kit available from Dominion Electronics

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According to Dominion Electronics , a number of design engineers are seeking high-capacity data storage that is not limited to the physical constraints of memory integrated into current embedded designs.

Removable memory such as the USB memory and flash cards face the problem of being located on-site, making them vulnerable to flood, fire or theft.

RabbitCore RCM4010 module, available from Dominion Electronics solves this problem with the SMB Network Storage Application Kit.

The SMB (Server Message Block) Network Storage Application Kit enables a RabbitCore RCM4010 module to use the SMB protocol, commonly known as Windows File Sharing, for a high-capacity storage space over a network connection.

The de facto file and printer sharing system, an SMB server shares file and printer resources over a computer network, allowing for flexibility and scalability. Once set up, a RabbitCore RCM4010 module can act as an SMB client and remotely store files and use them according to their purpose.

The SMB Network Storage Application Kit allows the user to add an SMB server to a Rabbit-based system that enables file sharing.

The SMB Network Storage Application Kit includes a 250 GB network storage drive that can act as a remote file server. Sample programmes demonstrate how to add, delete, edit and rename files on the server by providing an interactive command-line shell.

The SMB Network Storage Application kit contains:

  • RabbitCore RCM4010 module
  • 250 GB SMB network drive
  • Prototyping board
  • Cables
  • Software tools
  • Getting started instructions
  • Accessories

Following are the key features of SMB Network Storage Application kit:

  • Complete application kit to build and test an embedded system using a Windows or Linux server as a networked file storage device
  • Dynamic C integrated development environment with debugger, linker, loader, editor and compiler
  • SMB protocol library and sample programmes to reduce design time and effort
  • SMB drive
  • Applications
  • Instrumentation platforms
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Building automation/control
  • Security systems
  • Environmental monitoring systems

The RabbitCore line of microprocessor core modules is designed to facilitate rapid development and implementation of embedded systems. The users can develop programmes with the Dynamic C software tools and a C-language environment that includes an editor, linker, loader and compiler.

The users can download the programmes from their PC through the USB or serial port, and debug right on the target hardware without in-circuit emulation. The RabbitCore RCM4010 module reduces effort and speeds hardware and software integration.

The RabbitCore RCM4010 module provides a library of drivers and sample programmes, along with royalty-free TCP/IP stack with source. The RabbitCore RCM4010 microprocessor core module in the SMB Network Storage Application Kit is a powerful embedded Ethernet control device. It provides the intelligence and Internet connectivity that allows the devices to be remotely monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world.

Running at 58.98 MHz, equipped with 16-bit memory and on-chip DMA channels, the RabbitCore RCM4010 microprocessor core module can handle both communications and intelligence of the embedded device in a small footprint of 1.84″ x 2.41″ x 0.77″ (47 mm x 61 mm x 20 mm).

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