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Remote management of Rabbit devices

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article image RabbitSys safeguards access to embedded system resources.

RABBIT Semiconductor Inc., represented in Australia by Dominion Electronics , has introduced RabbitSys, an operating system that delivers program reliability for Internet-enabled, embedded applications.

System reliability often overshadows the goals of any embedded project. Using RabbitSys, embedded systems designers now have the ability to update, monitor, configure, detect, diagnose and even debug embedded systems at remote locations.

RabbitSys also scales with the deployment of new devices, allowing management of many devices concurrently.

RabbitSys increases reliability by providing extensive feedback during development and debugging cycles. It safeguards access to embedded system resources, like I/O and system memory, assuring software integrity.

RabbitSys is easy to use and helps system integrators save time and money. Those who already work with Dynamic C will find RabbitSys easily adaptable to their current Rabbit-based systems.

Existing Dynamic C applications can be compiled under RabbitSys with little or no code changes to benefit fully from features that increase protection, reliability, and convenience.

Features such as the program monitor, the event handler and safe system shutdown cradle an application and make it resistant to external transient errors.

RabbitSys creates a solid foundation for rabbit-based embedded systems programmed with Dynamic C.

RabbitSys' assurance of reliability extends beyond the confines of the development environment. The remote capabilities of the system enable embedded programmers to raise email alerts when a software failure occurs. During such failures, RabbitSys takes the necessary steps to return attached equipment to its default state.

RabbitSys removes the burden and expense of sending out a technician. Instead, a simple network connection and software update to the malfunctioning device repairs the problem.

By using RabbitSys' reliable remote update feature, the system removes the need to ‘roll a truck’ to fix the software bugs.

RabbitSys will be available in December 2005 and comes preloaded on select Rabbit-based hardware.

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