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RCM5400W RabbitCore module series from Dominion Electronics

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Rabbit have introduced the new RCM5400W RabbitCore module series which provides Wi-Fi/802.11b/g functionality which enables the user to create low-cost, embedded wireless control and communications solutions for embedded control applications. Dominion Electronics represent Rabbit International in Australia and New Zealand.

The RabbitCore modules mount directly onto a user-designed motherboard and act as the controlling microprocessor for the system. Measuring only 1.84" × 2.85" × 0.55" (47mm × 72mm × 14mm), the Rabbit 5000 microprocessor-based RCM5400W series delivers the capability to integrate real-time control and Wi-Fi connectivity into the user’s design.

The Rabbit 5000 delivers the same architecture as Rabbit 4000 microprocessor, along with additional features including hardware DMA, higher clock speeds, more I/O lines, six serial ports and more instructions to reduce code size and improve processing speed.

Key features:

  • Integrated Wi-Fi/802.11b/g wireless connectivity
  • Up to 39 general-purpose I/O lines configurable
  • Small size: 1.84” × 2.85” × 0.50” (47 mm × 72 mm × 13 mm)
  • Design advantages
  • Faster development time using a fully engineered, ‘ready-to-run/ready-to-program’ microprocessor core module
  • Easy C-language program development and debugging
  • Complete development kit to get up and running quickly
  • Large program memory and data storage
  • Easily scalable for commercial deployment applications
  • Applications
  • Industrial control
  • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)
  • Serial-to-Ethernet bridge
  • Building automation
  • Remote monitoring and communications
  • Security and surveillance

The user can start the evaluation and design efforts with a complete development kit, which includes RCM5400W microprocessor core module, development board with prototyping area, Dynamic C 10 development system and complete documentation on CD-ROM, serial cable for programming and debugging, Getting Started manual and AC adapter.

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