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Programmable touchscreen control system

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THE PK2600 is a C-programmable control system featuring a built-in 320 x 240 (1/4 VGA) touchscreen display with a large storage area for bitmaps, display lists, and screens.

It is suitable for control systems requiring an interactive graphic interface.

The system comes standard with 16 protected digital inputs and 16 high-current sinking outputs. The sinking outputs can be converted to sourcing outputs using the optional sourcing driver kit.

It has 8 conditioned and 2 unconditioned 12-bit analog input channels. Each input has socketed bias and gain resistors and an op-amp for signal conditioning.

Three 3 serial ports are provided. Port 1 is 5-wire RS-232. Ports 2 and 3 can be either RS485, 5-wire RS232, or support DMA. The PLCBus expansion port allows additional functionality, such as relays or DAC channels.

The PK2600's bezel offers protection of the front panel. The digital, analog, and serial I/O ports are accessible via DB25 and DE9 connectors on the rear of the protective enclosure.

The single-board computer and display are programmed using the Dynamic C 32 software development system. There are two methods for programming.

The display comes pre-loaded with a Graphics Engine, which enables the display to be easily programmed through Port 1 of the SBC.

To reserve Port 1 for an application or to program the display directly, a Serial Interface Board is available.

The PK2600 tool kit contains all the hardware tools necessary for rapid development: manual with schematics, programming cables, ac adapter, sourcing high-current driver, and mounting hardware. Dominion Electronics 02 9906 6988.

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