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New Rabbit 4000 microprocessor

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article image Designed specifically for embedded control.

RABBIT Semiconductor, represented in Australia by Dominion Electronics , has launched the newest addition to the Rabbit line of low-EMI microprocessors, the Rabbit 4000.

Like its predecessors, the Rabbit 4000 is designed specifically for embedded control, communications and Ethernet connectivity.

Rabbit 4000 brings forth new and improved features, which make it a clear choice for today's demanding embedded applications.

Building upon the highly successful Rabbit 3000, the Rabbit 4000 is offered in two RoHS compliant packages, 128-pin TQFP and 128-pin TFBGA configurations.

The new features include integrated 10Base-T Ethernet, DMA, 16-bit memory device support, page-mode memory device support and memory enhancements with physical address space of up to 16MB.

It also features hardware security features, hardware breakpoints, improved I/O and variable-phase PWM.

Five hundred new instructions have been added to increase the processing speed and efficiency.

Programming the Rabbit 4000 microprocessor is simple with the industry-proven Dynamic C software development system.

Rabbit Semiconductor’s successful integration of hardware and software substantially reduces development time and cost. In addition, Rabbit developers do not need costly in-circuit emulators - programming is accomplished simply by connecting an interface cable from a PC to a Rabbit-based target system.

Software development and debugging can be performed over Ethernet/Internet using appropriate accessory hardware or RabbitSys.

Integrated features of the Rabbit 4000 allows embedded engineers to develop smaller designs, enabling for diverse implementation.

The Rabbit 4000 will be available in quantity by March 2006.

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