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MM50 ESMini Modules with Low Power Dissipation for Mobile Applications

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article image MM50 ESMini Modules for Mobile Applications

Dominion Electronics  offers MM50 ESMini modules with low power dissipation for mobile applications.

The MM50 from MEN is the second ESMini module in an ultra-small form factor to hit the market.

Based on the MPC5121e or the MPC5123, the module has extremely low power dissipation, which is ideal for use in mobile applications.

Keep a Cool Head with ESMini

The MM50 is MEN's latest ultra-small computer-on-module.

The ESMini module is based on the MPC5121e or MPC5123 PowerPC processors, which have an MMU and FPU and come with a powerful 760 MIPS using clock frequencies of up to 400 MHz.

The e300 core processors pair a display interface unit - with or without a 3D graphics engine - and integrated I/O features with low power up to 3W maximum.

This makes MEN's MM50 ESMini module an ideal solution for industrial, mobile and mission-critical applications.

The DDR2 SDRAM with a size of up to 512MB is soldered against shock and vibration.

The module provides non-volatile FRAM and the option of mass storage expansion through SDHC on the carrier board.

Apart from serial I/O such as USB, the MM50 also has legacy interfaces such as CAN bus, COM, Fast Ethernet, I2C and GPIO.

In addition, the MM50 is equipped with an excellent graphics controller and audio.

Six individually programmable controllers give further flexibility to implement serial I/O.

As all ESMini modules, the MM50 is also tested and released for use in operating temperatures from -40 to +85°C. The module can also be equipped with a conduction-cooling enclosure.

ESMini modules are firmly screwed to a carrier board and come with rugged, industry-proven and railway-compliant connectors with differential signals.

By standard, only soldered components are used to withstand shock and vibration, and the design is optimised for conformal coating.  


  • MPC5121e or MPC5123, up to 400 MHz
  • Up to 512MB DDR2 SDRAM, Flash, FRAM
  • Fast Ethernet, USB, AC'97 audio, UARTs, CAN bus
  • Programmable serial controllers, display interface
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to +85°C


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