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Industrial-grade versions of ConnectPort X4 gateway and XBee adapters from Dominion Electronics

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article image Industrial-grade versions of the ConnectPort X4 gateway and XBee adapters

Digi International have released industrial-grade versions of the ConnectPort X4 gateway and XBee adapters.

The ConnectPort X4 NEMA provides ZigBee to cellular (GSM) connectivity and is integrated into a NEMA 4 X/IP66 enclosures for protection against dust, water and ice.

XBee adapters featuring lithium batteries for extended life in extreme temperatures provide off-the-shelf wireless enablement of existing electronic devices.

These new products add rugged industrial-grade alternatives to Digi International’s Drop-in Networking product line - a combination of hardware components and software tools for network-enabling commercial grade devices where wired infrastructure does not exist or does not satisfy application needs.

The ConnectPort X4 NEMA is Class 1, Division 2 certified, ensuring safe operation in the presence of flammable liquids, vapours and gases.

It is designed for applications like tank or pipeline monitoring, precision irrigation control and automated metering infrastructure (AMI).

In addition to Ethernet, serial and USB interfaces, the gateway offers four analogue input ports for wired sensor connectivity and an open-frame power supply built into the enclosure base. All cable inlets and antenna connectors are designed to prevent intrusion by water or debris. Like all ConnectPort X gateways, the ConnectPort X4 NEMA features a native Python engine for programmability.

The lithium battery-powered XBee adapters are also Class 1, Division 2 certified. They join Digi International’s current line of XBee adapters that are powered by alkaline batteries or an external AC power supply.

Unlike alkaline batteries, which suffer significant charge loss at extended temperatures, lithium batteries maintain a steady charge over a much wider temperature range. In most remote device monitoring applications where readings are infrequent, lithium batteries can last for several years.

The extended battery life is critical in broadly deployed, outdoor applications where getting to devices on a regular basis to change batteries is expensive and impractical. Lithium-powered XBee adapters are offered with RS-232, RS-485, Digital IO and Analog IO interfaces. A NEMA 4/IP66 enclosure can be purchased as an accessory for all XBee adapters.

Dominion Electronics  represent Digi International in Australia and New Zealand.

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