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Enfora’s in-vehicle transceiver uses core module from Dominion Electronics

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Enfora (USA) has produced an in-vehicle transceiver that employs Dominion Electronics’ RabbitCore RCM2020 core module as its processor, helping make it the most economical wireless Internet Protocol (IP) mobile tracking device available.

Wireless IP, also known as cellular digital packet data (CDPD), is a technology that enables remote supervisors to easily track and communicate with their fleet vehicles.

The solution is a GPS/CDPD transceiver that first relays coordinates to a tracking system. Then, utilising any web-ready device, the user can access the vehicle's location, speed and direction of travel.

The technology brings together the power of wireless data and location awareness, giving drivers in-vehicle access to communications tools that help them do their job faster and better.

What is ideal about this product is that it can be used by the person in the vehicle and as a remote tracking device at the same time.

On both sides Internet and GPS access is possible. The driver can receive e-mails, search the web, or get information from the corporate network via the Internet.

With a laptop or PDA and GPS mapping software, the user can get location-based services and plan delivery points.

The Rabbit processor also provides advanced functionality that allows users to perform such tasks as locking and unlocking doors and turning lights on and off all from the convenience of a hand-held device.

And while the GPS/wireless IP combination gives fleet managers a real-time look at their mobile assets, the Rabbit's I/O capability permits even more comprehensive monitoring of mission-critical data.

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