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Embedded technology exposed

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The opportunities for embedded technologies are lucrative and growing. Almost all OEMs are looking to the electronics industry to add intelligence and control to thousands of applications, and embedded electronics offers the solution.

But it can be confusing. You need to know when to use a standard or custom solution, Windows- or RTOS software, x86 or RISC processor, 8-, 16- or 32-bit microcontrollers, or where to turn for advice on standards, or applications expertise, or hardware and software developments kits… and you are not alone.

And that’s only the start. You may also want to embed wireless connectivity, TCP/IP or Ethernet. And what about security, power and cooling demands? The permutations, like the questions, are seemingly endless.

But help is at hand. Electronics News and ferret.com.au have teamed up with Kontron , National Instruments , Advantech and Dominion Electronics , all experts in embedded computing, to answer your questions via our Embedded Webcast, hosted on ferret.com.au, and available from mid-July. Each of the sponsoring companies will have an opportunity to address the most topical embedded technology questions in an editorial presentation format, moderated by Electronics News’ editor, Steven Keeping.

If you would like to be notified on the day the Webcast goes live please email us at marketing@ferret.com.au

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