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Dynamic C upgrade now available

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DOMINION Electronics has available the newest version of its Dynamic C integrated development software, Dynamic C 7.05 which includes all the capabilities of previous versions of Dynamic C plus several new features and key functional enhancements.

Like previous versions, it is an enhanced version of the industry standard C programming language designed to compile a program and download it to a target system specifically tailored for control and embedded systems applications.

Software development using Dynamic C is interactive and fast. While a program runs on a controller, the user can debug from Dynamic C without in-circuit emulators, logic analyzers, or software simulators.

Enhancements found in Dynamic C 7.05 include:

· I2C library and samples - allows a Rabbit microprocessor to act as a master for a Philips I2C bus.

· SPI drivers and samples - support for devices using the Motorola serial peripheral interface.

· GPS library and samples - support for interfacing a Rabbit with an OEM Global Positioning Satellite module.

· Sample Java applet - to control BL2000 SBC analog output.

· Serial download manager - a fully functional sample serial program loader for 2-Flash boards.

· Error handling enhancements - Dynamic C now reports the file and line at which run-time errors occur in debug mode. Error logging has been implemented to log run-time exceptions.

· Fast cloning option - this new cloning option will allow one Rabbit board to copy its program into another at speeds of up to 10K bytes per second.

Custom BIOSes are no longer required to compile a large program into two Flash chips or to compile two programs to two Flash chips. New compiler options facilitate work on multiple projects. (Full project file support will be included in the next Dynamic C release.) Dominion Electronics 02 9906 6988.

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