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Dominion Electronics provide Men MICRO railway signalling control systems

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Dominion Electronics  are distributors of Men MICRO railway signalling control systems for signal control rooms.

The features of the railway signalling control system include:

  • 6U CompactPCI SBC D6
  • Intel Celeron M, 1 GHz
  • (Up to Pentium M 2 GHz)
  • PCI Express
  • Up to 12 Gigabit Ethernet
  • 2 XMC slots
  • Quad Gigabit Ethernet XMC P601
  • PCI Express 2 x4
  • Dual HDLC/SDLC M-ModuleT M75
  • Optically isolated
  • 48-bit TTL I/O PC-MIP P13
  • Proprietary OS
Control of electronic interlocking blocks requires reliable electronics and is one of the safety-critical applications in the whole railway market. Error-free operation of the railway switches is life-critical. On the other hand, the hardware is not exposed to real harsh environments because it is located in a climate room.

To achieve a SIL 4 safety level, most of the safety measures are taken by software. On the hardware side, the systems have double or triple redundancy.

A typical "2-out-of-3" system has three independent CPU cards with identical I/O functions, using independent backplanes and power supplies - all of these components installed in the same 19" rack. At least two of the three computers must yield identical results to guarantee the correct operation of the complete system.

The computing equipment in this application is installed in various railway stations in Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Iran and Scandinavia. It is based on standard CompactPCI components in double Eurocard form factor.

The computing core is a low-power Pentium single-board computer which is replaced by a Celeron M computer with PCI Express technology. Apart from a general rise in performance on the computing (1-GHz Celeron M computer) and communication side (PCI Express and Gigabit Ethernet), the number of I/Os required has not changed.

The former six fast Ethernet lines per CPU unit ( in total 18 lines per signalling system) provided on PC-MIP mezzanine modules are now realised as Gigabit Ethernet lines on the CPU itself and with XMC mezzanine modules.

A single CPU board can support up to 12 Gigabit Ethernets at full speed due to the PCI Express technology.
Both in the old and in the new system, the M-ModulesT are used to provide the HDLC/SDLC functionality and PC-MIP modules are used to provide the TTL I/O.

The computer boards are all screened for an operation temperature from -20° to +70°C.

A similar application for a different user features a single redundant Pentium III based solution implemented in 3U CompactPCI systems.

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