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Dominion Electronics provide MEN Micro locomotive control systems for cockpit personnel

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Dominion Electronics  are distributors of MEN Micro locomotive control systems for training men working in the cockpit of locomotives and railcars. MEN Micro

The features of the locomotive control system/s include:

  • Low-power chromated aluminium enclosure
  • Wide range PSU for 24, 36, 48, 72 and 110V
  • Processor unit based on PowerPC MPC5200
  • Large selection of I/O modules
  • Configuration as control system or distributed I/O
  • Simple snap-in to individual I/O function blocks
  • Hot plug of the I/O modules
  • Own self-diagnosis for each module
  • CANopen system bus under VxWorks
  • Full EN 50155 compliance
  • Safety requirements according to SIL3
Modern railway vehicles should be equipped with reliable electronic control systems for safe and economical operation on the track. While the vehicles are often operated for up to 30 years and more, state-of-the art components are used to retro-fit and modernise the electronics part.

In the locomotive control systems, a DIN rail based OEM control system is used for centralised or decentralised control, monitoring and diagnosis of all functions during drive and brake operation.

The system optimises the operation process and relieves the driver. As an open modular system, it offers the possibility to configure inexpensive solutions according to the varying requirements of locomotives or railcars with different drives such as diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic.

The system is based on a standardised user interface (IEC61131) and modular hardware using CANopen (safety CAN) as the system bus. It works in an ambient operation temperature between -40 to +85°C and the electronic boards inside are conformal coated to prevent condensation.

The housing of the locomotive control system is HF-tight and resistant to solvents. The individual modules are snapped onto mounting rails to form function blocks. They feature plug-and-play functionality and can be hot-plugged during operation. The peripherals are either connected through cage clamp terminals or screw terminals.

The system is ruggedised for rail applications and is reliable. All modules have their own self-diagnosis. Continuous tests during operation allow for error recognition independent of the switch state. Error messages are displayed in plain language and all messages and events are permanently stored with time stamp (black box).

The system conforms to EN 50155 railway standard, with safety standard according to EN 50126, 50128, 50129 and protection level IP40.

The processor module is based on the MPC5200 PowerPC and features 32MB working memory, program memory in CompactFlash, one UART, Ethernet, USB, two CAN interfaces and an alphanumeric display for status and diagnosis.

The power supply covers a wide range of inputs from 24 to 110V (a specific 24V type is used for diesel locomotives), is short-circuit proof and comes with continuous, no foldback, inrush current limiting.

The collection of I/O modules includes digital input and output modules with 8 to 155V wide range I/O, analogue input and output modules with each channel individually electrically isolated, relay, PT100 and pulse encoder input modules.

The bus system support comprises CAN bus, Ethernet, optionally MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) as the wagon bus and WTB (Wire Train Bus) through gateway as connection to the train bus.

MVB and WTB together form the TCN (Train Communication Network), which is integrated in the IEC 61375 standard and developed together with the UIC (International Union of Railways). It describes time and safety critical data transmission in railway vehicles.

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