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Dominion Electronics launches new Rabbit RCM4300 core module series

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article image New Rabbit RCM4300 core module series

Dominion Electronics  announced the new Rabbit Core module series. The RCM4300 RabbitCore module offers the features and performance to support complex embedded designs such as data encryption, secure data transmission, and web server applications.

The RCM4300 core module provides the capability to use up to 1GB mass storage with the industry-standard miniSD memory cards which you can swap with another miniSD card without powering down the module. This gigabyte hot-swapping capability offers a new level of functionality to support data logging and automatic meter reading applications.

In addition to mass storage, the RCM4300 core module offers the designer more than 1MB of SRAM for shared code and data to support algorithmic-intensive applications such as graphics and encryption.

This greater code space (twice the code space compared to any other Rabbit core module) allows you to transmit data in non-critical secure embedded applications. Now you can log as much as 1GB of data and transmit it using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the information. You will also be able to design a graphic user interface to make it easier for an operator to monitor the system.

The RCM4300 is pin-compatible with the complete family of Rabbit 4000 based core modules, so customers with existing designs can migrate to the new module without the burden of re-engineering the pin outs.

To ease the design effort and reduce development time, use the RCM4300 development kit. You get all the essentials needed to design a microprocessor-based embedded system with mass storage.

The kit includes an RCM4300 core module with a miniSDTM card, a prototyping board, accessories, and development tools to get you up and running quickly, along with Dynamic C version 10.21 integrated development software, which now offers the new Megabyte Code Support (MCS), enabling designers to use over 1M byte of SRAM for shared code and data. There is also the FAT file system familiar to many programmers, RabbitWeb for creating HTML web pages, and Rabbit’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) utility.

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