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Dominion Electronics introduces LiPPERT Cool LiteRunner 2

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Dominion Electronics has introduced LiPPERT Cool LiteRunner 2.


The Cool LiteRunner 2 is an affordable PC/104 single board computer, powered by an AMD Geode GX 466@0.9W Pentium-compatible processor running at 333 MHz. The Cool LiteRunner 2 features 256 MB RAM, AC97 sound and four USB 2.0 host ports, one of which can be configured as device, too. The processor is combined with the CS5536 I/O companion chip, which integrates many of the standard PC peripherals. Together with a Super I/O, the Cool LiteRunner 2 forms a complete PC. Cool LiteRunner 2 can be expanded using the PC/104 connector or the built-in miniPCI slot.


Two independent Fast Ethernet controllers are on-board, making the Cool LiteRunner the selection of choice for applications like managed bridges and industrial automation.

The Cool LiteRunner 2 comes with an integrated graphics controller that shares its graphics memory with the system memory (UMA). It handles both, VGA monitors or digital TFT displays (18 bit parallel or 24 bit LVDS), selectable via jumper or BIOS settings.


In addition to the above mentioned interfaces, the Cool LiteRunner 2 has even more to offer:

Floppy disk adapter, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, parallel printer and three serial ports are integrated on-board, too. Two of the serial ports can be configured by software for the RS232 or RS485 standards; the third is RS485-only.

An integrated Gold Cap buffers the real time clock.

There are eight freely usable I/O pins for application defined signals available on a flat cable connector.

The ATA-66 compliant EIDE interface connects to hard disks, CD/DVD drives or similar devices.

A CompactFlash adapter facilitates construction of devices without moving parts, as it is often required for mobile applications.

The Cool LiteRunner comes with 256 MByte RAM soldered to the circuit board, assuring mechanical stability.

Troubleshooting is easy with supervision LEDs for power, watchdog, Ethernet and application-defined life signalization on the module.

The PC/104 bus allows system expansion with many commercially available peripheral I/O boards.

The Cool LiteRunner 2 comes with dual Ethernet ports, USB 2.0 interfaces and full AC97 sound capability.

The module is equipped with 256 MB RAM and many PC interfaces already on-board.

Networking applications greatly profit from LiPPERT's new addition to its family of proven PC/104 CPU Modules, the Cool LiteRunner 2.

Based on the successful Cool LiteRunner, which remains available, the new, compact board offers features some customers missed.

The Cool LiteRunner 2 sports four fast USB 2.0 host ports, one of which can be configured as an USB device and full 16 bit ISA bus capability are the other highlights of this versatile single board computer.

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