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Dominion Electronics’ Digi technology used for control systems integration

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article image Digi technology for control systems integration

Need a lift? The control unit is the brain of every elevator, governing the secure operation of the car.

Manufacturers of elevator control systems need to provide products that allow customers to take advantage of the inherent benefits offered by smart building control solutions.

A manufacturer of open elevator control systems wanted to add Ethernet support to its line of products.

Typically, the control components of elevator systems provide an asynchronous interface to connect dedicated management and control equipment.

While this is a proven and simple way of communication, it also is a rather inflexible and isolated approach. Network connectivity offers the same level of reliability and provides universal access to the units through the local network or the Internet.

Using Digi technology from Dominion Electronics , the manufacturer added proven and dependable network connectivity to the elevator control products. Digi technology enabled the company to integrate the equipment in compliance with strict safety regulations.

Network access to the individual control units in a building simplifies management and control of the elevator systems, and instantly turns them into an integral part of a smart building control solution. Now the control units of the elevator system are available on the local network, or even the Internet.

This quick and cost-efficient solution also offers existing customers an easy migration path by simply upgrading the systems that are already in place.

Easily and cost-effectively integrate previously independent control systems, transforming them into a part of a smart building control solution.

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