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Dominion Electronics’ Digi technology for telecom PBX console management

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article image Digi technology for telecom PBX console management

Managing a company’s phone system can be a challenge and usually requires highly trained and dedicated personnel to reconfigure or upgrade the system. This is a problem for companies with limited resources.

To offer a remote maintenance service for its base of enterprise customers, a telecommunications equipment manufacturer and service company was looking for a flexible and cost-efficient way to network-enable phone systems.

In the past, on-site assistance was required for troubleshooting, configuration changes or upgrades to the system software. This approach was time-consuming and costly for both the manufacturer and the customer.

The only alternative was remote management using analogue modems. However, this required an additional phone line and was also cumbersome, inflexible and slow.

Digi technology from Dominion Electronics provided a solution that simplified the remote management of phone systems and eliminated the use of analogue modems.

In addition to being the new service business for the manufacturer, it also directly translated into productivity improvements and significant cost-savings for both the customer and the manufacturer.

Improve productivity and reduce costs by simplifying the management of previously isolated devices.

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