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Dominion Electronics’ Digi technology for network-enabling credit card reader

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article image Digi technology for network-enabling credit card reader

Facing the need to reduce operating costs and deliver a higher level of customer service, a convenience store needed to reduce both the cost and transaction time associated with credit card purchases.

The existing payment solution lacked efficiency and speed. It took up to 25 seconds and three cents per credit card transaction to authorise a purchase using an analogue modem.

As an additional measure to reduce operating costs, the monitoring of each station’s underground gasoline tanks needed to be automated.

In the past, store employees manually checked and reported fuel levels to manage the corresponding refill orders. This was a manual process that was error-prone and time-consuming.

Technology from Digi was used to network-enable the credit card reader in each store by connecting it directly to the corporate network, dramatically reducing the average transaction authorisation time and associated costs.

Applied over thousands of daily calls per store, the payback on this upgrade was virtually immediate. Digi technology can also automate and optimise the fuel management by monitoring fuel in the underground storage tanks. By utilising Digi technology, tank gauges can be easily set up for central monitoring over the Ethernet.

Reduce operating costs and streamline transactions by eliminating analog modems using Digi Technology.

Digi technology used in this solution is available from Dominion Electronics .

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