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Digi technology from Dominion Electronics connects remote terminals in grain storage centres

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article image Digi technology connects remote grain storage centres

Managing the grain reserve of an entire country is a crucial and complex task. The individual storage areas are spread all over the country, and an advanced management infrastructure is required to ensure that both volume and quality are always at the optimum level.

A national agency was looking for a cost-efficient and reliable way to optimise the management of the national grain reserve. It needed to enable the central management centre to monitor and control the stockpile as well as storage conditions, such as temperature and humidity, at the individual storage locations.

This task was made even more difficult by the vast geographical dimensions of the country, which ruled out the use of traditional land-line networks. Instead, the design of the solution demanded satellite-based communication.

Digi technology, from Dominion Electronics , provided cost-effective network connectivity for the remote terminal unit at the storage locations using TCP socket services, allowing them to be connected to the local earth station network equipment.

Each remote terminal unit has a variety of environmental sensors and control devices attached to it. Through the satellite network link, sensors and control devices at the individual storage locations are now available to the district monitoring stations and the national management centre.

This flexible and efficient solution provides accurate and up-to-date information about the status of the reserve, including centralised and fully automated control of the storage locations throughout the country. Consolidate and remotely manage storage conditions and inventory levels of perishable goods for many locations.

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