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Cool SpaceRunner-LX800 processor module available from Dominion Electronics

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The Cool SpaceRunner-LX800 from Dominion Electronics is a fully self-contained, rugged single board computer. It comes with soldered RAM and solid state disk, which allows to build systems without any moving parts.

It is also integrated with graphics controller and display interfaces. All standard peripherals are already integrated on board. The used AMD Geode LX800 processor delivers enough computing power for even highly sophisticated applications.

With an integrated 2 Gigabyte Solid State Disk, (SSD) the Cool SpaceRunner-LX800 targets applications that need to work in adverse environmental conditions. The fully self-contained and ruggedised PC/104-Plus processor module has a low power consumption of just 5 watts.

This allows battery operation and creates only minimum additional heat, making active cooling unnecessary. The board operates in ambient temperatures from -40°C up to +85°C. The Cool SpaceRunner-LX800 is based on AMD's Geode-LX8000.9W processor with 500MHz clock.

This processor is teamed with the CS5536 IO companion and 256MB soldered DDR2-RAM. The integrated graphics processor delivers its output to either a CRT or an LVDS interface; backlight is provided, too. The board features a LAN and four USB 2.0 ports, as well as two serial interfaces capable of RS232 and RS485 line levels.  If necessary, an integrated IDE port allows connection of hard disks or CDROM drives. Condition monitoring, often required for remote appliances, is provided by the integrated LEMT functionality.


  • AMD Geode LX800 Processor
  • 2 GB solid state disk
  • 256MB RAM
  • VGA or LVDS
  • LAN interface
  • four USB host ports
  • two serial interfacesRS232 or RS485
  • IDE interface
  • flexible parallel printer port
  • status indication LED’s
  • programmable watchdog

The computer can be expanded with standard peripheral cards for the PC/104 or PC/104-Plus bus. Power consumption is 5 watts and allows fanless operation of the processor. The board is available for the extended temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.

The Cool SpaceRunner-LX800 uses the LiPPERT Enhanced Management Technology (LEMT). It handles the boards houskeeping tasks like power sequencing and watchdog, and provides useful utilitiy functions for the application. Among them is a secure, write and clear protected Flash area that can be used for security keys. LEMT also enables remote condition monitoring.

With its soldered RAM, the solid state disk, and the very little power consumption, as well as the rugged through-hole-connectors, the Cool SpaceRunner-LX800 is the ideal choice for devices that need to operate in adverse environments. Applications like remote data processing, security and medical devices, and many industrial controllers profit from its special features, as do all kind of mobile appliances.

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