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Compact module speeds time to market

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article image The RabbitCore 3100 module.

THE new RCM3100 RabbitCore microprocessor core module is the ideal solution for designers who want to rapidly develop and implement embedded systems.

Available from Dominion Electronics , the compact RCM3100 boasts powerful features and a small footprint -- 47 × 42 mm -- to simplify integration.

RabbitCore modules mount directly on a user-designed motherboard and act as the controlling microprocessor for the user's system. They can interface with all manner of CMOS-compatible digital devices through the user's motherboard.

Powered by the Rabbit 3000 microprocessor, the RCM3100 has six serial ports and operates at 29.4MHz and 3.3V (with 5V-tolerant I/O).

Built-in low-EMI features, including a clock spectrum spreader, help designers eliminate the kind of emissions-related problems that frequently derail tight development schedules.

Available in two models, the RCM3100 is equipped with up to 512kB each of Flash and SRAM, quadrature encoder inputs, PWM outputs, and pulse capture and measurement capabilities.

Two 34-pin connection headers provide 54 digital I/O shared with the six serial ports and alternate I/O features. (The RCM3100 is pin compatible with the Ethernet RCM3000, facilitating cost-effective implementation of both Ethernet and non-Ethernet systems.)

The RCM3100 features a battery-backable real-time clock, glueless memory and I/O interfacing, and ultra-low power "sleepy" modes.

A fully enabled 8-bit slave port permits easy master-slave interfacing with another processor-based system, and an alternate I/O bus can be configured for eight data lines and six address lines (shared with parallel I/O).

The Rabbit 3000 processor's compact, C-friendly instruction set and high clock speeds produce exceptionally fast results for math, logic, and I/O.

Programs are developed with the industry-proven Dynamic C development system, a C-language environment that includes an editor, compiler, and in-circuit debugger. Efficient hardware/software integration facilitates rapid design and development.

User programs can be compiled, executed, and debugged using Dynamic C and a programming cable -- no in-circuit emulator is required. An extensive library of drivers and sample programs is provided.

A complete development includes RabbitCore module, prototyping board, serial cable for programming and debugging, Getting Started manual, and complete Dynamic C SE software development system (not a trial version) and documentation on CD-ROM.

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