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AMD-powered PC/104 single board computer

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article image Cool LiteRunner 2 with AMD Geode processor.

LIPPERT’s Cool LiteRunner 2 is an affordable PC/104 single board computer, powered by an AMD Geode GX 466@0.9W Pentium-compatible processor running at 333MHz.

Available from Dominion Electronics , it features 256MB RAM, AC97 sound, and four USB 2.0 host ports, one of which can be configured as a device, too.

The processor is combined with the CS5536 I/O companion chip, which integrates many of the standard PC peripherals. The Cool LiteRunner 2 forms a complete PC that can be expanded using the PC/104 connector or the built-in miniPCI slot.

Two independent Fast Ethernet controllers are on-board, making the Cool LiteRunner a selection of choice for applications like managed bridges and industrial automation.

The Cool LiteRunner 2 comes with an integrated graphics controller that shares its graphics memory with the system memory (UMA) . It handles both, VGA monitors or digital TFT displays (18-bit parallel or 24-bit LVDS), selectable via jumper or BIOS settings.

Other features include:

* Floppy disk adapter, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, parallel printer and three serial ports are integrated on-board, too. Two of the serial ports can be configured by software for the RS232 or RS485 standards; the third is RS485 only.

* An integrated Gold Cap buffers the real time clock.

* There are eight freely usable I/O pins for application defined signals available on a flat cable connector.

* The ATA-66 compliant EIDE interface connects to hard disks, CD/DVD drives or similar devices.

* A CompactFlash adapter facilitates construction of devices without moving parts, as it is often required for mobile applications.

* The Cool LiteRunner comes with 256MB RAM soldered to the circuit board, assuring mechanical stability.

* Troubleshooting is easy with supervision LEDs for power, watchdog, Ethernet and application-defined life signalisation on the module.

* The PC/104 bus allows system expansion with many commercially available peripheral I/O boards.

* The Cool LiteRunner 2 comes with dual Ethernet ports, USB 2.0 interfaces and full AC97 sound capability.

* The module is equipped with 256 MB RAM and many PC interfaces already on-board.

* Networking applications greatly profit from LiPPERT's latest addition to its family of proven PC/104 CPU Modules, the Cool LiteRunner 2.

* Based on the very successful Cool LiteRunner, which remains available, the new, compact board offers features some customers missed.

The Cool LiteRunner 2 sporting four fast USB 2.0 host ports, one of which can be configured as an USB device, and full 16-bit ISA bus capability, are other highlights of this versatile single board computer.

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