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Bulk bins from Dolav Australia

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Dolav Australia  supplies a range of bulk bins which are resistant to chemicals, temperature and ultraviolet radiation. The bulk bins are made of high density polyethylene material and are resistant to chemical corrosion. The bulk bins can withstand temperature ranging from minus 40 centigrade to plus 60 centigrade. The bulk bins are moulded in food grade approved material.

Dolav Australia offers bulk bins which have hygienic plastic designs and can be easily customised without losing structural integrity. The bulk bins have a two-way forklift and pallet jack entry with interlocking foot design for safe stacking. The bulk bins have reinforced base to prevent sagging as well as reinforced side walls to provide extra support. The bulk bins allows safe stacking with a total load of 4,000 kilograms maximum stack load. The bin consist of a non porous surface that helps in inhibiting mould and bacterial growth.

The bulk bins from Dolav Australia have rounded corners and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and product protection. The bulk bins can be customised to suit specific application and are available with lids as well as in solid and vented models. The bulk bins can be used as a food grade or general storage bin.

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