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Ducting systems for home available from Doctor Damp

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Spring is in the air and soon the rain from winter is going to cause all sorts of problems under the floors of homes in Sydney.

At present there is damp ground in the sub floor of thousands of homes in Sydney. It is not causing too much problems because of the current temperatures.

Once Sydney starts reaching temperatures over the 24 degrease Celsius mark houses will start to become damp inside. Mould will flourish and this will contribute to unhealthy conditions in the home. Termites may also colonise under the home in the damp conditions.

Doctor Damp  can help prevent this by installing a sub floor fan system under the home.

You will be able to enjoy all year round protection from white ants, wood rot, mould, damp, and excessive condensation. As you move even closer to summer the risk of getting white ants will increase with the heat and more and more damage will occur to the home as the effects become accelerated.

It is good to get an inspection now while temperatures are still low.

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