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DocsCorp releases pdfDocs compareDocs solutions

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DocsCorp , a global leader in PDF integration technology, announced an enhancement to its proven pdfDocs Solutions Suite with the upcoming release of pdfDocs compareDocs.

"While there are a few document comparison solutions available that compare Word-to-Word, or PDF-to-PDF, there are no products on the market that allow you to 'compare apples with oranges' so to speak" says DocsCorp President, Dean Sappey.

"With compareDocs there are no restrictions-you can now compare anything-to-anything (Word-to-Word, PDF-to-PDF, Word-to-PDF, Word-to-anything, PDF-to-anything). This is quite an achievement and one of which we at DocsCorp are very proud."

Business needs a robust, reliable document comparison tool because it is not unusual for several individuals inside and outside an organisation to collaborate on the creation, review and editing of a document.

Manually comparing documents for changes and edits is time-consuming and prone to error. Failure to effectively manage the document review process increases the risk to a company's reputation and its financial well-being.

Sappey sees compareDocs as a powerful, frontline ally to corporations, law firms and government agencies in their efforts to demonstrate regulatory, industry and internally mandated compliance.

To this end, pdfDocs compareDocs completely integrates into MS Office products and leading document and record management systems (Hummingbird, Interwoven Docs Open and WORLDOX) so that not only can you compare any document type, you can compare from any source.

compareDocs removes the human element from the equation, reducing the possibility of error, while its patented, leading-edge document comparison technology quickly and accurately identifies the differences between two documents.

The release of pdfDocs compareDocs according to Matko Spadina, Senior Product Manager at DocsCorp, extends the DocsCorp value proposition of developing innovative business applications that integrate into core business applications, processes and systems to deliver higher levels of efficiency, productivity and security when working with business-critical documents.

System requirements/Operating systems:

  • Windows 2000 (SP3 or above) workstation
  • Windows XP Professional workstation (SP1 or above)
  • Windows 2000 terminal server/ Citrix server (SP3 or above)
  • Windows 2003 terminal server/ Citrix
  • Supports XP fast user switching and multiple user sessions
  • Supports installation via active directory or other network rollout products

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