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DocsCorp acquires DocuComp document comparison product line and business

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DocsCorp  has announced it has acquired DocuComp.

With this acquisition, DocsCorp has gained access to the mature and sophisticated text comparison technology in the software industry.

DocuComp was first introduced in 1988 and its core comparison algorithm was awarded a groundbreaking patent in 1989 for its ability to accurately identify fine-grain text changes in documents of any length or complexity.

DocuComp's introduction, fuelled by notable licensees such as microsoft, adobe and wordperfect was responsible for pioneering the growth of the document comparison industry.

The acquisition of the DocuComp algorithms and technologies will enable DocsCorp to build on the success of its own document comparison solution-pdfDocs compareDocs-released in late 2007.

It also underscores DocsCorp's commitment and resolve to develop a comparison tool for those seeking an alternative desktop or server-side solution.

Says Larry Lightman, CEO of DocuComp, LLC - "We are genuinely excited about the additional resources and focus that will now be dedicated to our product portfolio as part of the DocsCorp family.

“Our customers will soon see significant improvements in the DocuComp product lines that exploit DocsCorp's deep expertise in document workflows and technologies. Most notable are upcoming improvements in Microsoft word document comparisons and integration with many different document management software systems."

David Woolstencroft, senior vice president worldwide sales and marketing, commenting on the acquisition recognised DocuComp's in the field for almost 25 years and emphasised that DocsCorp will build on to deliver even great robustness, accuracy, performance and reliability in document comparison.

"The acquisition of DocuComp also broadens our offering. In addition to our compareDocs desktop solution, we now have an enterprise quality server-side solution. Equally, DocuComp clients will benefit from DocsCorp's expertise in PDF workflow management and integration.

“They will now have a complete new suite of products available to them to help manage the flow of documents in and out of the office-pdfDocs Desktop, OCR Server, compareDocs and formFiller."

"It is an exciting time and it will certainly raise the bar as to what people should expect from a document comparison tool," concluded David Woolstencroft.

DocsCorp and DocuComp started working together as partners in late 2006, sharing their respective technologies to develop a new document comparison tool to go beyond simple word-to-word and pdf-to-pdf comparisons.

DocsCorp released pdfDocs compareDocs to the market in late 2007 the first document comparison application to effectively compares apples to oranges.

compareDocs can compare two word or two pdf documents (apples to apples), but when bundled with pdfDocs desktop, it will compare anything-to-anything (apples to oranges) word-to-word, pdf-to-pdf, word-to-pdf, word-to-anything, pdf-to-anything. Add pdfDocs OCR server to the mix and you can even compare faxes and scanned image files to the original document.

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