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Business consulting and DIY kit from Divya Business Solutions

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The free business review of Divya Business Solutions are designed in such a way to review all current business systems as well as procedures and identify areas where action has to be taken in terms of reducing costs, gain competitive advantage and start the process of achieving sustainable, profitable, growth. Divya Business Solutions in terms of business consulting recognizes that number of owner or managers in smaller companies can benefit from having on going access to an experienced and independent business person, in order to provide that vital second opinion, or to challenge their thinking.

The program of Divya Business Solutions allocates an agreed number of days each month for practical hands-on training. Divya Business Solutions also has access to broad range of expertise such as asset management and valuation, financial restructuring, export strategy, marketing, retention and development, sales planning, supply chain management, website development, quality management, technology commercialization and so on.

The DIY kit of Divya Business Solutions allows clients to get an insight about successful business people from across the globe. The DIY Kit includes Business Dashboard, Business Planning, Business Kick Start Bundle, Customer Satisfaction, Business Growth Toolbox and Employee Survey.

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