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Security 2011 Exhibition to showcase new electronic nose with CCTV integration to combat graffiti vandalism

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The Graffit-e-nose Mk4 will be showcased at the Security 2011 Exhibition to be held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre from August 24 to August 26.  

The cutting-edge Graffit-e-nose product from electronic nose technology leader, E-Nose allows councils to detect vandalism earlier and increase the number of arrests and convictions. Graffit-e-nose Mk4 is an innovative aerosol spray fume detection device that integrates with CCTV/ video surveillance.   

Graffiti vandalism imposes a huge cost burden on communities, causing damages of more than $100 million a year in New South Wales alone. Costs are being passed on to the community through higher service costs, insurance premiums and council rates. Graffiti has also been found to encourage other anti-social behaviour such as littering and various forms of street crime.  

The Sydney-based E-Nose devised a method of monitoring, identifying and measuring smells and other airborne chemicals in real time. The Graffit-e-nose hides the electronic nose technology in an inconspicuous looking box that can be installed in graffiti-prone locations.  

When spray paint fumes are detected by Graffit-e-nose, a silent alarm alerts security guards to catch the offenders in action. By integrating CCTV for the first time, Mk4 further increases the likelihood of convictions, as live-streamed video can verify the attack so that appropriate action may be taken immediately, and the images can later be used to arrest and prosecute offenders.  

According to E-Nose co-inventor and CEO Graham Bell, CCTV was a logical extension of their electronic nose technology with many councils already using video surveillance systems, and Graffit-e-nose offering easy integration with existing systems.  

The security device can also trigger a number of peripheral security systems such as floodlights, sirens or water sprinklers if required.  

Graffit-e-nose is currently being trialled by councils in Blacktown, Penrith and Campbelltown.  

E-Nose Pty Ltd, a spin-off from Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, UNSW and Sydney University, received NSW Government grants in 2008 to further develop its electronic nose technology.

E-Nose will launch Graffit-e-nose Mk 4 at Stand A31 at the Security 2011 Exhibition organised by Diversified Exhibitions Australia .

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