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Argus Introduces IP-Based Door Controllers to the Australian Market

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Argus Global, a leading supplier of biometric access control systems has announced an extension to its suite of solutions with easy-fit door controllers from Infinias at the Security 2010 Exhibition organised by Diversified Exhibitions Australia .

Showcased for the first time in Australia at Security 2010 Exhibition, the Infinias door controller known as eIDC is a sophisticated but simple-to-install device for scalable door control.

Unlike traditional access control systems, eIDC utilises an embedded server that allows doors to be installed one at a time. eIDC also incorporates Ethernet-based IP technology that requires no special wiring so that it smoothly integrates with existing networks.

This eliminates the need for additional work stations and servers that can be costly and tricky to implement.

Bruce Lyman, CEO of Argus Global comments that many commercial organisations are looking for secure but cost-effective solutions to help them improve security. With eIDC they get a solution that’s not only straightforward to install but also extremely reliable.

“It’s installed with very little fuss and most importantly, doesn’t require changes to existing infrastructure – saving both money and effort.”

eIDC door controllers can be used either standalone or linked back to a server when multiple door controls are in place.

The system’s buffer ensures that up to 16,000 access events are stored locally in the device offering protection against data loss should the server go down. All events are then fed back to the server when the connection is regained.

The eIDC door controllers offer a robust and practical security solution for large or small requirements.

Single door mode controllers have a capacity for up to 8,000 card holders. Managed mode door controllers have a capacity of 64,000 card holders.  

Already deployed widely in the US, eIDC is used by many organisations to control several hundred doors. Doctor’s Hospital Texas uses eIDC to control over 400 doors across multiple buildings with all managed from one server.

Lyman is confident that the eIDC will offer as much practical use to Australian organisations as it does to the US.

“Security is no longer an issue that we can ignore. We face very similar challenges and concerns to our international neighbours and it’s time for us to take the necessary measures to address that. eIDC offers just the kind of solution that allows organisations to increase security but without crippling themselves in the process.”

Argus Global is the sole supplier of Infinias products to the Australian market.

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