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DVD Authoring package available from DiskBank

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DVD Authoring, available from DiskBank , is the process of creating interactive DVDs from footage, sound and text. It is the combination of captured video, film, negatives, slides and audio with digital files such as flash animation, documents and graphics.

DVD Authoring basically consists of four phases:

  • Encoding: This is the process of converting source material such as slides, footage and graphics, to video/audio files. This phase also includes colour correction and any adjustment before any authoring takes place.
  • Menu Creation: This is the process of creating menu pages, navigation and any linking structure.
  • Authoring: This phase involves bringing the encoding stage and menu creation together and producing the final DVD. This is where everything is finalised prior to replication.
  • Replication: After the final DVD has been mastered, it is ready for replication. This master is used to make additional copies ready for the end user.

DVD Authoring includes and is not limited to:

  • Interactive menu pages (still or animated backgrounds)
  • Slides shows
  • Video editing from various forms of media such as 8mm film, DigiBetacam and photos
  • Creation of chapters, navigation and linking
  • Creation of subtitles
  • High quality encoding of video and digital files

Professionally authored DVDs are suitable for events such as corporate presentations to showcase high quality product demonstrations. They can also work as eye catching, interactive, and professional presentation kits illustrating a company’s products and/or services, while at the same time being consistent with its branding and objectives.

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