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New Disc-Go-Roboto now available from Discstation Australia Pty Ltd

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The new Disc-Go-Roboto, available from Discstation Australia Pty Ltd , delivers the newest concept in disc repair, offering full desktop automation. Using robotics, the Disc-Go-Roboto will move any disc through every step of the repair process (load the discs into the machine, repair them, and return each disc onto the finishing spindle). The high-scale disc repair machines have the capacity to repair hundreds of discs per day with minimal user involvement. It is especially suitable for high-volume store level operations, library systems, and disc repair professionals.

Disc-Go-Roboto fixes Blu Ray and HD DVDs, all in one batch using the innovative mixed repair mode option. The machine measures a compact 16" x 20", so it can easily be positioned on a desktop, especially as all waste is recycled back into the machine.  

Key features and benefits of the Disc-Go-Roboto disc repair machines include:

  • Cartridge based supplies, meaning no messy pouring or wastage
  • Smart Chip technology
  • Reject spindle minimises the risk of errors clogging the repair session
  • Self-cleaning feature - machine will run its solution through an aggressive self cleaning cycle
  • Simple, one-touch operation

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