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Learn By DVD lifestyle learning concept from Discstation Ltd

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Learn By DVD is a brand new concept in lifestyle learning, offering a comprehensive library of titles covering a wide range of subjects, with something for every member of the family.

Discstation Ltd holds an exclusive agency for the brand new concept of Learn By DVD. This is a brilliantly designed series of DVDs that combines the growth in using DVD as an educational tool with new trends and popular topics. This means the Learn By DVD series represents an attractive retail package for DVD retailers.

Discstation Ltd has identified growth in the popularity home education products and in particular, the growth of education and training resources available on DVD. The impulse buy concept that Learn by DVD has created is ideal for many consumers that want the ability to turn on their DVD player and learn about their topic of interest, right now.

The Learn By DVD series is much more than a collection of step-by-step learning titles. The Learn By DVD series is a fast growing genre that appeals to almost anyone. The twelve titles that are currently available cover a wide cross section of interests and sports from Magic to Yoga.

Each title is presented and taught by an expert in their field, and are not just actors reading a script. Particular attention is given to titles that are of current interest, for example, Texas Hold Em Poker is a fast growing sport that has received a lot of publicity recently.

Discstation Ltd’s Dropshipping Program

Discstation Ltd has point-of-sale materials, resources, and ideas available, to assist Dropship retailers, who wish to re-sell the Learn By DVD range through the following channels: 

via online store/website
door to door
by letterbox drop
mailing list
eBay or other auction listing
mail order catalogue

Discstation Ltd’s dropshipping program is simple:

Promote and sell Learn By DVD titles to customers at your price. (Which maybe more or less than Discstation Ltd’s RRP)

Pay Discstation Ltd dropshipper wholesale price and the difference is your gross margin.

Discstation Ltd ships the products sold directly to customer. All products are currently sent from Sydney, NSW.

Discstation Ltd does all the customer fulfilment stuff and you do the selling, and Discstation Ltd will do the order fulfilment and shipping, so there is no reasons to worry about: buying stock upfront; packing and freight; and answering customer queries.

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